April 30 – Eastland Middle School

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On April 30, I had a chance to visit Eastland Middle School in Shannon, IL. Jeff and I performed throughout the day for our new friends in assembly format and then had a chance to join some of their parents during an evening event. We were certainly delighted with all the kindness and enthusiasm surrounding us and also with the exquisite food they had prepared for our supper!




Thanks to my friends Dony and Kathryn, who have generously helped me so much with my website, Jeff and I had a chance to tape part of our performance that day. The video will be available here soon!




In the meantime our video is available, you can enjoy a story (and excellent photographs) by Joe Tamborello, journalist from The Journal Standard from Freeport, IL, who covered the evening event.



Also, he made available a pretty cool video on YouTube. Hope ya’ll enjoy!!! Here’s the link.


Well, and of course, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to make new friends in their library… 🙂


April 24 – Lambert School

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The morning after the performance for the Eastern Iowa Reading Council, on April 24, Jeff and I had a chance to spend a full morning with our friends of Lambert School in Manchester, IA. Talk about a blast! Ya guys rocked the gym and Jeff and I even had a chance to put together a new song right on the spot in less than ten minutes to commemorate Mrs. Adams birthday!!! Congratulations again Mrs. Adams and thanks to all of our new friends in Lambert School!!! We really had a great time.


Below, one of our new friends, performs some martial arts as a warm up for Jeff’s poem “How I Became A Black Belt.”


Next, I got some really nice help from the teachers to rock the gym with “Rock n’ Roll Hop.” Ya gals were terrific!!! 😉


Trite or not, ain’t a picture worth a thousand words? Thanks for your enthusiastic and warm welcome!

April 23 – Eastern Iowa Reading Council

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On April 23, Jeff and I had a chance to spend a wonderful evening in Manchester, IA with more than seventy teachers from the eastern region of this beautiful state. They spoiled us with a delicious dinner and then we tried to return the favor with poetry, music and laughter. Of course, we took the time to stop by the Field of Dreams right before our meeting given we were just a few miles away! Here are some pics for ya’ll!