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May 1 – Westview Elementary

Author: sergio  //  Category: Children's Music, Recent Appearances

On May 1, Jeff and I visited Westview Elementary in Champaign, IL. We had a chance to share poems and songs in some of the classrooms and we had a very nice time.


I have to say, though, I felt really nostalgic that morning as this was my last local performance while still a resident of the Champaign-Urbana area. Soon I will be moving to Lincoln, Nebraska, and I will miss ya’ll! Thanks to my new friends at Westview for the many many smiles and for singing along with me on this very special occasion!


April 30 – Eastland Middle School

Author: sergio  //  Category: Children's Music, Recent Appearances

On April 30, I had a chance to visit Eastland Middle School in Shannon, IL. Jeff and I performed throughout the day for our new friends in assembly format and then had a chance to join some of their parents during an evening event. We were certainly delighted with all the kindness and enthusiasm surrounding us and also with the exquisite food they had prepared for our supper!




Thanks to my friends Dony and Kathryn, who have generously helped me so much with my website, Jeff and I had a chance to tape part of our performance that day. The video will be available here soon!




In the meantime our video is available, you can enjoy a story (and excellent photographs) by Joe Tamborello, journalist from The Journal Standard from Freeport, IL, who covered the evening event.


Also, he made available a pretty cool video on YouTube. Hope ya’ll enjoy!!! Here’s the link.

Well, and of course, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to make new friends in their library… 🙂