Sergio strumming at Philly Airport

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On April 24, 2008, I was traveling with my good friend Jeff Mondak to Baltimore, MD, for a children’s poetry and music presentation. We had a long layover at the Philly Airport and almost about to board our flight we ran into a very sweet kid (of Mexican descent by the way) whose eyes could not stop looking at my guitar case with so much curiosity… So, what could a crazy Mexican singer do? Nothing else but to start strumming right there!!! Yep, so there I was singing a few of Jeff’s tunes such as “Thoughts on a Rainy Day” and “The Toy Box Ate My Brother”!!! A few minutes later, some fellow passengers were singing along with me “Michael Closed the Bathroom Door.” In the meantime, Laura Pachucki (another passenger on the same flight to Baltimore), talented photographer and digital media artist, spontaneously took some pictures of the scene. The picture below is among my favorites and decided to share with ya’ll!

Photo by Laura Pachucki

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  1. natalia y carlitos Says:

    Te queremos mucho y te felicitamos por tu sitio en internet, estmaos orgullos de ti, eres unico.

  2. sergio Says:

    Gracias, pequenitos!!! Papi siempre piensa en ustedes y dedica cada una de sus canciones a ustedes dos. Pronto veran una foto de ustedes por aqui…

    Los adoro!!! 🙂

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